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For the Professional who wants to assert himself, consolidate, grow and evolve, it is essential to constantly invest in quality - innovation - updating, to be part of a large and valuable professional network, in which to enhance his skills and participate in cooperative teams and effective work teams.

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Training institutions have been playing a fundamental role in conveying knowledge and expertise for years. Languages and working methods have evolved and require constant updating and innovation, also in this area. FAIP has always been by your side and supports you on this path as well.

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Welcome to the section dedicated to the publication and search of our Professional Counselors, pursuant to Law No. 4/2013. The Professionals present are registered with FAIP Italia Counseling and meet the criteria of selection at the entrance and constant verification “in itinere” of the required requirements, with adherence and full compliance, in their activity, with the Code of Ethics-Deontology and the obligation of permanent Professional Updating.

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Our Professionals are present throughout the country. The quick search, with map, allows you to find the Professionals who work in the geographical area of your interest.

In individual profiles, you will be able to specify the contacts, other information and the most specific field of intervention in which each professional operates.

The Association is active on the national territory with its own territorial organization, structured in FAIP POINTS, and/or Regional Offices of the Association, through which we are present in the various Italian regions, in support of members and users with our Regional and/or Macroarea Coordinators.

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Welcome to the section dedicated to Training Institutions. If you want to undertake a professional training and/or personal growth path, here you will find those who can help you. Our Training Institutions, present throughout the country, are Schools and Institutes recognized by FAIP, which have obtained the recognition and validation of their training courses, as they are in line with the training, organizational and quality requirements required by FAIP.

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Sportello Utente – Sportello del cittadino

Pursuant to Law 4/2013 (Article 2, paragraph 4), the Association promotes forms of guarantee to protect users (pursuant to Article 27 ter of the Consumer Code pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005).

There is a help desk for users, called “SPORTELLO Utente – SPORTELLO del CITTADINO” where the User-Citizen Consumer can contact to request or deepen information on the profession in general and on the quality standards required of members, to be supported in choosing the Professional suitable for their request and possibly to forward reports.

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